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In this day and age it is important to understand what cyber security risks and threats exist to your organization. These issues can also affect the reputation and goodwill of your brand.

If you’re looking to protect your organization,your employees, and your clients, we offer various packages to accommodate your project.

What we do:

At Bsquared Intel here are some things we look for:

  • Fake social media profiles and phishing websites pretending to be you or your organization.
  • Misuse/abuse of your organization’s images, branding, and intellectual property.
  • Security holes in your website that would allow someone to deface it or steal data.
  • Data leaks such as internal documents being published to social media, online forums, or the darkweb.
  • Data breaches.

We also help with providing education to your team and intelligence for other research based projects you have.

For our external cyber security risk/threat assessment, your company will receive reporting on the current findings, what risks need to be addressed, and how to protect yourself in the future.

Each risk/threat assessment takes at least eight hours or more.
We invite you to explore our menu of services

Entry Points

The following packages are meant to serve as an introduction to Bsquared Intel. These services provide your organization a high level look at the current state of your security.

Bsquared Intel Cyber Catastrophe Forecast
This forecast takes a high level look at the security of your organization’s website to see how likely a cyber security incident may occur. We check for 6-7 pain points related to your website, domain, and network.

With the forecast, you will receive a letter grade, numeric score, average score of all users, and the average score of your industry if it’s represented. You will also get a free fifteen minute phone call so we can go over the results with you.

Contact to learn more and see if you qualify.

Data breach search: lite version
This service looks for email addresses your organization owns that might be affected by data breaches. We will also look to see if any accounts are associated with spammy marketing lists and will attempt to remove them(optional). Limit is two accounts.  Contact us if you would like to have this service run for more than two emails so we can custom tailor this service to your needs.

Entry Point Bundles:

Mini Risk/Threat Assessment Bundle: Bundle together the Bsquared Intel Cyber Security Report Card and the Data breach search: lite version to create a mini risk/threat assessment.

Mini Risk/Threat Assessment Bundle+: This package includes everything in the Mini Risk/Threat Assessment Bundle plus a half hour of research for one(1) social media platform your organization uses or a half hour of research on the publicly facing Internet to look for any cyber security/privacy issues and another half hour for reporting.

External Risk/Threat Assessments

According to Verizon’s 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report, the continuing trend from their 2020 report, is that external actors make up roughly 80% of attacks with the majority being financially motivated. Bsquared Intel is in a unique position to help your organization as our specialty is in identifying external risks and threats.

Full External Business Risk/Threat Assessment
We will look for risks and threats to your organization whether it be from a security or reputation standpoint. We will look at your digital assets (websites, social media, marketing efforts) and in places external to your organization. As a client you will receive an official report identifying the risks discovered, what the risks mean to your organization, and ways to go about resolving those issues. Please reach out to us so that we may customize your project.


Whether it's helping your organization work through a cybersecurity framework to reduce your risk exposure, helping your startup get off on the right foot before launch, or you need research on software/services to purchase we're here to help.  The same goes for creating custom training or performing research that doesn't neatly fall into our usual offerings.  If that's you, let's chat to see if we can help you achieve your goal.

Book some time and pick our brain.  This service is based on an hourly rate.


Contact us now to learn how we fit into your cyber security strategy (Note that our offerings may change without notice along with pricing.).

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