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InfoSec Predictions For Small-Medium Businesses

In this article, we’re going to make some InfoSec Predictions For Small-Medium Businesses and we’re probably going to be way off. We were having a a conversation with someone in our network where they said something along the lines of “Boy, it seems like cybersecurity is everywhere these days. It’s like you can’t do business [...]

Challenges Small Businesses Face with Information Security

A long while ago, we wrote an article about challenges small businesses face with Information Security. You can read it here.  If you read it, the statistics are no longer valid, but the challenges still remain. With the way cybercrime ramped up over the last three years, the climate small businesses operate in now is [...]

Top 5 Cybersecurity Things Small Businesses Need To Know

Well hello there reader! To start things off, a brief history on the origins of Bsquared Intel. From 2017-2018 we entered into the personal brand reputation arena because our OSINT skills are useful in finding information that a client would want to know should they need to holistically polish up their image. Our frustration with [...]

Small Businesses, Here Are 4 Risks When Letting a Third Party Manage Your Domain Name

Hey there small business owner reader who hired someone to build your website and who also purchased your domain name for you. Have you thought about what could go wrong if something happened to the person who registered your domain name? Your domain name is an important digital business asset you own. Firstly, it’s what [...]