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Equifax Offers to Buy Those Affected from Their 2017 Breach a Cup of Coffee

Equifax is expected to pay up to $700 million in their 2017 breach that affected roughly 150 million people, per the Federal Trade Commission(FTC). That equates to roughly $5.00 per person, the equivalent of  a cup of coffee from Starbucks, if they pay the full $700 million. Personally, we don't think this goes far enough, [...]

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Loose Lips Sink Ships

Loose lips sink ships “...originated on propaganda posters during World War II. The phrase was created by the War Advertising Council and used on posters by the United States Office of War Information.” [Source: Wikipedia] It’s meaning was to convey that servicemen in World War II, and citizens need to be careful about what information [...]

OSINT for Individuals

Welcome back! Last time we talked about what Open Source Intelligence is and how businesses can benefit from it. Today we will discuss the benefits of our services on a personal level.  To briefly define Open Source Intelligence in the security world, it's using publicly available data and information to show where weaknesses are and [...]

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Darkweb scans offered by companies should be taken with a grain of salt

While we aren’t going to name names there’s a large credit company whose name rhymes with "Texperian" that offers free dark web scans. They are extremely misleading and also exploiting peoples’ fears of something that isn’t normally understood outside of privacy enthusiasts, the hacker community, and the curious explorer. So in this post we will [...]

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Equifax Breach from the Banking Perspective with Steve Yonych of Litchfield Bancorp

In the wake of the Equifax breach I sat down with Steve Yonych, Assistant Vice President Branch Manger of Litchfield Bancorp, to get his take on the events that transpired and what banking customers can do to better protect themselves. He learned about the breach when the majority of the US did and he expressed [...]

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Equifax: The Fallout

On September 7th, 2017 it was reported that credit reporting agency Equifax was breached. The incident is estimated to effect roughly 140 million Americans. It is alleged that Social Security Numbers, along with other PII (personally identifiable information) were sucked up in the penetration of the company. [Source] Brain Krebs, investigative journalist of all things [...]

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