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Equifax Offers to Buy Those Affected from Their 2017 Breach a Cup of Coffee

Equifax is expected to pay up to $700 million in their 2017 breach that affected roughly 150 million people, per the Federal Trade Commission(FTC). That equates to roughly $5.00 per person, the equivalent of  a cup of coffee from Starbucks, if they pay the full $700 million. Personally, we don't think this goes far enough, [...]

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Skimming and Shimming: Fraud at the ATM and Gas Pump

Recently we had someone give us a call for help about a weird charge that showed up on their bank statement. After asking some questions about where they went physically, or virtually, to use their debit card, out of everything they told us, our hunch was they were a victim of a skimming attack at [...]

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