A Picture is Worth 1000 Words Part 2: Photo Analysis

If you’ve signed up for our newsletter, you may remember this edition where we talked about metadata in images. Check it out here. Metadata is data about the data. In the context of a photo, it’s the date/timestamp, the make/model of the device that took the picture, and even the GPS coordinates, but what about [...]

OSINT/SOCMINT Strategies for Law Firms

There’s no contesting these days that there’s mountains of data floating around in the public domain. According to Axios, the months leading up to the COVID19 pandemic saw social media use relatively unchanged. Then, in mid-March of 2020, they saw a notable rise in social media use when statewide lockdowns began [Link]. This increase was [...]

OSINT Resources for Political Campaigns

The 2022 political campaign season is off and running. In this article, we’ll explore OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) resources for political campaigns. Whether you’re doing opposition research, looking for problematic stuff for your own campaign in order to build a strategy to address any potential surprises, or to see how your constituents are responding to [...]

Project Warwalk: PII, Social Engineering, and OSINT

Welcome back to the sixth entry of our research project, Project Warwalk. If this is your first time here, hello! To read the other entries related to this series and check out the glossary, click here . This entry to this series marks a distinctive shift when we’re talking about WiFi and specifically SSIDs. The [...]

Project Warwalk: Issues With WiFi for Personal Use at Home

Welcome back to Bsquared Intel’s Project Warwalk. If you would like to get up to speed, click here to go to the posts you missed and to learn about the project or reference our glossary. Last week we broke down the numbers. Today we’re going to explore what the data we collected can show with [...]