A Review of Anbox: A Good Idea, But Not Fully Baked Yet

Recently we were looking around for an alternative for Android emulator Genymotion. Think of an Android emulator as a virtual Android phone you can use on your computer. Use cases for this are several: For personal use if you want to run Android apps on your computer. Developers can use it to test apps they’re [...]

Archive.today as a Passive Alternative to Eyewitness (Kind Of)

Greetz! Explored Archive.today (redirects to archive.is or archive.ph) the other day, and after checking something out I decided to look at the site a little bit. Specifically I was interested in the search function for showing snapshots for subdomains. The query to enter in the search field looks like this, but without the quotes: “*.[target [...]

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words Part 2: Photo Analysis

If you’ve signed up for our newsletter, you may remember this edition where we talked about metadata in images. Check it out here. Metadata is data about the data. In the context of a photo, it’s the date/timestamp, the make/model of the device that took the picture, and even the GPS coordinates, but what about [...]