Loose Lips Sink Ships

Loose lips sink ships “...originated on propaganda posters during World War II. The phrase was created by the War Advertising Council and used on posters by the United States Office of War Information.” [Source: Wikipedia] It’s meaning was to convey that servicemen in World War II, and citizens need to be careful about what information [...]

OSINT for Individuals

Welcome back! Last time we talked about what Open Source Intelligence is and how businesses can benefit from it. Today we will discuss the benefits of our services on a personal level.  To briefly define Open Source Intelligence in the security world, it's using publicly available data and information to show where weaknesses are and [...]

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So, you want to use a VPN?

Recently, with clients, VPNs keep popping up in conversation, so we thought now is a good time to talk about what they are and things to look for when considering using them. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and, at a very high level, it creates a secure connection over the internet for your device [...]

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Parents, it’s almost back to school time for your kids. Protect them on social media!

Parents, it’s almost that time of year again! Back to school time for the kids! For some this may be your child’s first year in school ever. For others, you and your kids may be pros at the perfect back to school picture. In a previous post we discussed the issues of sharing things about [...]

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