Google Calendar Phishing and How to Reduce Your Exposure to It

While sitting with one of our clients recently they mentioned to us that they kept getting event invites/notifications on Google Calendar that were phishing attempts or spam. They finally sent us a screenshot and we dug into the matter to learn more. In short, phishing Google Calendar has been going on for months, based on [...]

Skimming and Shimming: Fraud at the ATM and Gas Pump

Recently we had someone give us a call for help about a weird charge that showed up on their bank statement. After asking some questions about where they went physically, or virtually, to use their debit card, out of everything they told us, our hunch was they were a victim of a skimming attack at [...]

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Tech Support Scam Case Study

bsquared intel was recently brought in by a client to check one of their computers. The purpose of this call was the result of an unknown third party remotely providing tech support.  Based on our findings, we are confident this was a tech support scam.   This entry will break down some parts of the [...]

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What is domain slamming and 3 tips to help you from falling for it.

Before talking about domain slamming, let’s briefly look at the importance of your domain name, whether you have a personal website/blog, or own a business. Your domain name is how you are identified on the the public Internet. When someone browses to your web site, their computing device needs to know the IP address of [...]

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My Dear Beneficiary Very Important Information Regarding Spam

Recently a client asked why they were getting spam in their email and there are many plausible scenarios for why people, in general, receive these types of messages. This article is only going to focus on a couple of these reasons. Data breaches/scraped email addresses Data breaches, or by scraping web content, are a couple [...]

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Operation w00kin Pa Nub: Location

In the first post of this series, the method of collection was laid out, biases involved in the data collected were explained, and some initial observations to start things off were offered. As of current, the collection has temporarily stopped. It should also be noted that Connecticut has the largest number of fake profiles with [...]

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Operation w00kin pa nub: Introduction

This research project idea was conceived after observing an uptick in fake profiles on dating sites. While familiar with how to uncover if a dating profile is legitimate or not, the collection of samples has revealed some patterns I have not given much thought to such as geographic location, victim age range, and who controls [...]

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