College Applicants and Social Media

In a previous entry, we discussed social media and employers. This article will continue the discussion but focus on college applicants and these platforms.

To best illustrate how social media affects applying to college, one needs to look no further than the 10 students who are no longer part of Harvard University’s class of 2021. With the posting of memes that were deemed too offensive/insensitive/sexually explicit , Harvard decided to rescind the small group of high school students’ acceptance into the University.

This incident is not about the violation of one’s First Amendment rights. It’s about using common sense and being aware of how things can hurt your reputation.

The goal of bsquared intel is to help those who are thinking about college and going through the application process. If the college/university requires that they look at applicants’ social media, we’re here to help with identifying potential reputation damaging posts, but we also want to work toward helping highlight talents, skills, and passions that, if it comes down to it, it may sway Admissions’ decision your way.

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