Greetings! Social media platforms like Facebook are a part of our lives. However, with the increasing use of these platforms, the number of fake profiles has also increased. These fake profiles not only spread false information but can also be used for phishing or other malicious activities. It’s import to verify that a Facebook profile is legitimate for a variety of reasons before interacting with them. In this article, we’ll discuss some ways to verify a Facebook profile’s legitimacy.

Check the Profile Picture checkbox

One of the easiest ways to verify a Facebook profile is by checking the profile picture. If the profile picture looks too perfect or seems to be a stock image, it might be a fake profile. To verify the profile picture, you can do a reverse image search on Google. If you find the same image on different websites, it’s likely that the profile is fake. To melt your brain a little, stock images can be altered so they don’t show up in a reverse image search, but there are some more advanced techniques that may work. If the profile picture is AI generated it more likely than not won’t appear in searching images.

Check the Friends List checkbox

Fake profiles often have a small number of friends or a lot of friends but with no mutual connections. Check the friends list to see if they have mutual friends with you. You can also check the profiles of their friends to verify if they are real or not.

Check the About Section checkbox

Check the “About” section of the profile to see if the information provided matches their activity on Facebook. If the information seems inconsistent or vague, it’s a red flag that the profile might be fake. You can also check the work and education section to verify if they are legitimate.

Check the Activity checkbox

If the profile has been active for a long time but has very little activity, it’s a red flag that the profile might be fake. Check the timeline to see if they post regularly and engage with others. If they haven’t posted anything or have very few interactions, it’s likely that the profile is fake.

Check for Personal Details checkbox

Real profiles often have personal details like where they live, birthday, where they went to school, and other information. Check if the details provided are consistent with their activity on Facebook. If what you see seems vague or inconsistent, it might be a fake profile.

We’re continuing to see an increase in Facebook scams, which we wrote about here and spoke about it here in one of our Weekly Round Up episodes.  We feel it’s import to add a little more to your skills to help you weed this stuff out when dealing with Facebook accounts that you aren’t quite sure of.

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  • Our external risk/threat assessments will help identify if someone is impersonating your organization and/or key members of your company. This would include looking for social media scams using your brand.

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