OSINT for Individuals

Welcome back! Last time we talked about what Open Source Intelligence is and how businesses can benefit from it. Today we will discuss the benefits of our services on a personal level.  To briefly define Open Source Intelligence in the security world, it’s using publicly available data and information to show where weaknesses are and to give someone a heads up for any risks, or threats, that may pop up.    If some of these risks/threats are emerging, it gives a person time to put a plan in place to lessen the impact of something bad happening.  The following are some ways our services can help you.

Identity Theft

With data breaches like Equifax and Marriott International, the exposure of our most sensitive data can lead to the compromise of our identity.  Coincidentally, there is speculation that the Equifax data breach may be an intelligence operation by a foreign actor because no one has seen the stolen data being sold online.

To bring awareness of the importance of why our services are valuable, we’d like to briefly talk about a past client. When Equifax announced to the public in 2017 that they were breached, our client signed up for their free year of credit monitoring services. On top of that, the client also put a credit freeze on the three major credit reporting bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion). Something slipped through the cracks with the monitoring. Concerned that something might be out on the web about them as a result of a breach, our client easily signed up for our Basic Internet Audit package. Through asking questions, coupled with looking into the Internet at large, social media, and other spaces known to host sensitive data, we were able to give them advice on steps to take based on our findings. Equally important is they felt peace of mind that resulted from our services.

Cyber security needs

We have clients who have run the gamut for their personal cyber security needs. For some, they have hired us in order to be proactive on how they protect themselves and their family. With finding things publicly, bsquared intel is able to address potential issues related to security or privacy before something happens. We scour the public facing Internet and social media to look for things like data breaches, password dumps, and imposters. We also look to see if there is published content that puts your privacy at risk, whether it’s over sharing your location, or if you are over sharing stuff about your kids, or sharing sensitive stuff like drivers licenses, which can then lead to identity theft.

As with all of our research services, bsquared intel provides reporting that will address any risks found, along with changes to make, to put you and your family in a better, more secure place.

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