If you’re in the market for a job, it’s important to be aware of how social media affects you and employers.

For the job seekers, when you’re interviewing ask what their social media policy is.   Their policy should be one that allows you to be you and let’s you share your opinions.   It should allow an employee to foster creativity as well as outline some common sense best practices.   It should include something like “Don’t post any sensitive information about the company. ” The policy shouldn’t make you feel like big brother is watching you.  That fosters distrust and should make you question what the work environment is like.  This also applies to those already working.  You shouldn’t feel afraid to state an opinion on social media wondering if your boss is lurking your Twitter account.

The other side of the story is you should make common sense decisions on what you post.  An employer will expect that, at a minimum, you help protect any trade secrets by not posting them online, that you don’t harass customers/clients, or you don’t intentionally paint the  organization in a bad light.

For the job/promotion seekers, will an employer check out your social media during the hiring phase?  The potential is there and it all depends on how much value an organization sees in checking out candidates’ profiles.  Where bsquared intel fits into the picture is to help guide you in making decisions that will show an employer that you’re ready to be part of the their team while at the same time being able to be you.  If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us.