This is a very unique time we’re living in. Whether you’re working on the front-lines as a healthcare professional, grocery store worker, trucker, essential employee, or you’re working from home, the following are some very basic things to do, and look out for, that bare repeating. We’ll also briefly discuss some happenings with video conferencing company Zoom that you need to be aware of.

While this is not an exhaustive list of tips you can use to better protect yourself, this is meant as a way to get the ball rolling.


  • Apply updates to your devices and software. This helps plug up security holes.
  • Have antivirus software installed and scans scheduled to run on a frequent basis.
  • At a minimum, password protect your devices.

Social media:

  • Stop participating in “quizzes”/”ice breakers!” We wrote about this a few years ago. Answering these questions may allow someone with ill intent the ability to sign into accounts you use.  The answers you provide may help the bad actor a chance to guess your password as well as answers to account security questions.
  • Clear desk rule. We can’t stop you from taking pictures of your workspace and posting it to social media.  Hopefully your employer has policies against this activity, and we also strongly advise not to publish your workspace.  If you are going to share, here are things you need to do (You should do these things regardless if you’re sharing to social media or not.):
    • Lock your monitor.  This way no one can see what is on your computer screen and it helps prevent someone from physically accessing your computer when you’re away from it.
    • Clear your work station of all paperwork and remove sticky notes from your monitor. If you leave something sensitive on your desk, there’s a good chance someone can read it in the photo or video.



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