Spyware and Things to Keep in Mind if you Suspect a Snooping Spouse

Relationships when they’re good, they’re great. Things can go sideways, though, and this is when you need to stay alert.

Spyware, also referred to as stalkerware, is not new, but the proliferation of smart devices and inexpensive software has made surveilling of significant others easy. Below are some things to keep in mind if your relationship is heading in the wrong direction:

  • Keep your devices up to date.

  • Do not share passwords for devices or accounts.

  • Be aware of unexpected gifts. Is the gift something your significant other would typically purchase? If it seems out of the ordinary, like a new phone, treat it with suspicion especially if your relationship has ventured into rocky territory.

  • Does your significant other know of things going on in your life that they aren’t privy to?

  • Does your significant other know where you are at all times?

  • Have you noticed changes in the settings on your computing devices? Are there applications installed that you don’t remember downloading?

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