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Bsquared Intel’s Weekly Roundup 7.21.23 Show Notes

Show notes for Bsquared Intel’s Weekly Roundup 7.21.23. CLICK HERE TO WATCH Contact us Newsletter signup Bsquared Intel Content/Articles Mentioned Court Filings and OSINT Project Warwalk (Note: This article servers as a table of contents for this 9 part research series) Within Project Warwalk, the following articles are relevant to surveillance [...]

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words Part 2: Photo Analysis

If you’ve signed up for our newsletter, you may remember this edition where we talked about metadata in images. Check it out here. Metadata is data about the data. In the context of a photo, it’s the date/timestamp, the make/model of the device that took the picture, and even the GPS coordinates, but what about [...]