“bsquared intel is extremely professional and knowledgeable. They immediately responded to my request for computer assistance via telephone and came to the office the following day to make sure everything was running properly. bsquared intel stands by their work and prides themself on customer service. I would be very confident in recommending bsquared intel services!” – M.C.   Owner of Galicia Financial LLC



“I had bsquared intel conduct an audit of my social media accounts. I know on Facebook I keep my information public because I am a business coach and I like to network with others. I didn’t think that he would find anything that I should be worried about but boy was I wrong!

Not only did I appreciate the scope of their audit but the reasons why they brought certain things to my attention. I would of never known how to protect myself and my business while still keeping my page public so I can continue continue creating business relationships.

In today’s world, I think it’s so important that an audit be done on a regular basis to protect ourselves digitally. bsquared intel does an awesome job. I highly recommend them.” – D.D.  Business coach.  Owner of Women Empowering Women and Princeton Venture Hub


“My job as an occupational therapist contributes to my limited knowledge of computer security. I was very excited to have met BSquared who provided me with education on the vulnerabilities of my system and recommended solutions at a reasonable cost. He also referred me to companies that can meet my security needs. The company to which I was referred has provided exceptional service. I strongly recommend all small businesses get a computer security checkup with BSquared. Thanks for all you have done for us.” – B.B.  Occupational Therapist