The Importance of Email

The Importance of Email

Ahh email. It’s something we probably take for granted these days, but it’s been around for almost 60 years! [Source: Wikipedia] What we want to talk about in this article is the importance of email.

We use email to communicate with others and we also need it to create online accounts. This means there are lots of things to consider with security and privacy.

What kind of accounts are tied to your email?

First, when you create an account for something, you’re providing the site/app/service with your email address and a password. This needs protecting.

As far as what kind of accounts you might have, it’s a laundry list, but here are some common ones:

  • Online banking/financial services
  • Business services (Accounting, inventory, marketing, IT/Security)
  • Online shopping
  • Social media
  • Streaming services
  • Healthcare
  • Cloud storage

Your inbox is probably full of important information and you probably received your fair share of spam or phishing attempts, so it’s important to enable all the security/privacy controls afforded to you in your email account and for you to be able to spot Social Engineering attempts. If someone were to take over your email account, there’s a chance they spam/phish all of your contacts or attempt to use your account as a stepping stone to gain access to your other accounts because your account recovery information, most likely than not, ties back to your email address. The danger here is someone getting into your bank account, social media profiles, and other accounts with sensitive information. This can lead to loss of money or identity theft. With businesses, if something goes wrong with your email, this could result in not being able to communicate with customers, staff, or vendors. You’ll experience loss of productivity, as well as what was mentioned earlier in this paragraph.

What was mentioned above was just the “internal” stuff.

Externally, an email address might show up in data/password dumps. Data brokers most likely have your email address too. Your address also is most likely on a people search engine site. This is where privacy concerns emerge in an external sense.

All of this, in the wrong hands, can cause harm to you, your family, or organization.

From an OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) perspective, email addresses are key data points when we are asked to help out attorneys with things like account verification. On the information security side of things, email addresses are one thing we look at when conducting external cyber risk and threat assessments as we may find things that violate policies like acceptable use.

How we help

Personal services
We provide comprehensive data breach reporting that also includes looking to see where else your email address pops up and potentially remove it. You’ll receive in depth reporting, best practices, recommendations, and more. Our digital footprint review also includes this service.
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Web Digital Literacy
Web Digital Literacy is our self-paced online class and in part of it we teach you how to find and verify information. So, if you get a strange looking email in your inbox, you’ll have the core skills you need to start picking things apart.

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External cyber risk/threat assessments
We will look for risks and threats to your organization whether it be from a security or reputation standpoint. We will look at your digital assets (websites, social media, marketing efforts) and in places external to your organization. As part of this we also include data breach reporting as far as email addresses are concerned. As we mentioned earlier, our findings may highlight any potential policy violations when it comes to acceptable use policies.

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Litigation support
If you’re law firm has a case and you need to know what exists in the public, our research services save you and your legal team time and we fill the knowledge gap with our expertise.

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