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Bsquared Intel’s Weekly Roundup 3.10.23 Show Notes

Show notes for Bsquared Intel’s Weekly Roundup 3.10.23 CLICK HERE TO WATCH Contact us Newsletter signup News ATM thieves use glue and 'tap' function to drain accounts at Chase Bank – ABC 7 News They thought loved ones were calling for help. It was an AI scam. - Washington Post Archived [...]

Bsquared Intel’s Weekly Roundup 2.10.23: Romance Gone Wrong Show Notes

Show notes for Bsquared Intel’s Weekly Roundup 2.10.23: Romance Gone Wrong CLICK HERE TO WATCH Contact us Newsletter signup News PayPal and Twitter abused in Turkey relief donation scams - BleepingComputer We had a security incident. Here’s what we know. - Reddit Bsquared Intel Related Articles/Videos How To Know if Stalkerware [...]

PayPal SMiShing Attack: A Closer Look

If you’ve been reading our blog, you’ll recall not too long ago we dug into a SMiShing attempt that was not super common because of it’s use of punycode. This previous article also discussed what SMiShing is, the victim impact of this activity from the FBI’s Internet Crime Report, and ways spammers/scammers get your phone [...]

Tips for Surviving Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday

The tips we’re about to share should be top of mind every day not just during the holiday season. Let’s begin with any interesting discovery by Kaspersky Labs. In 2017, Kaspersky Labs released their Black Friday report and one of their findings is that consumers who use their mobile devices are a driving factor of [...]

Google Calendar Phishing and How to Reduce Your Exposure to It

While sitting with one of our clients recently they mentioned to us that they kept getting event invites/notifications on Google Calendar that were phishing attempts or spam. They finally sent us a screenshot and we dug into the matter to learn more. In short, phishing Google Calendar has been going on for months, based on [...]

Skimming and Shimming: Fraud at the ATM and Gas Pump

Recently we had someone give us a call for help about a weird charge that showed up on their bank statement. After asking some questions about where they went physically, or virtually, to use their debit card, out of everything they told us, our hunch was they were a victim of a skimming attack at [...]

What is domain slamming and 3 tips to help you from falling for it.

Before talking about domain slamming, let’s briefly look at the importance of your domain name, whether you have a personal website/blog, or own a business. Your domain name is how you are identified on the the public Internet. When someone browses to your web site, their computing device needs to know the IP address of [...]

My Dear Beneficiary Very Important Information Regarding Spam

Recently a client asked why they were getting spam in their email and there are many plausible scenarios for why people, in general, receive these types of messages. This article is only going to focus on a couple of these reasons. Data breaches/scraped email addresses Data breaches, or by scraping web content, are a couple [...]